I am a self trained painter, and was born in Versailles in 1967. Much of my inspiration was drawn from Jean Cocteau’s movies like “Beauty and the Beast,” and mesmerizing silent films such as “Metropolis” and “The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari.”
I was influenced by the powerful etchings of Dürer and J.J. Grandville, and paintings by Pontormo and Pollock. I was intrigued from an early age by artistic drawing techniques and spent many hours pouring over comic strips and the hand drawn “Tout L’Univers” Encyclopedia.

I studied artistic advertising at Corvisart, the prestigious design school in Paris, for three years.

For several years following Corvisart, I found an outlet for my talents as a graphic designer at an advertising firm. In 1989, I became a free lance illustrator and later did animation for Carrere television for two years. I returned to my beloved drawing board in 1996.

Expanding my artistic scope, I enrolled at the Cours Renaissance in 1998 and perfected my decorative painting skills. More recently, I have secured many contracts for interior finishes in private residences, cafes, restaurants, hotels and showrooms as well as sets for television programs.